Praxair Thailand Awards

Praxair (Thailand) Company Limited received a plaque and a certificate of honor from the Department of Industrial Works (DIW) for its successful participation in the CSR-DIW Project.

CSR DIW.jpgThe Company has constantly conducted CSR activities including the Classroom Renovation and Bicycle Repair for the Huai Phlu School (Chachoengsao) Project and the Mangrove Forestation Project throughout the past many years. Then in March 2011, the Company joined the 2011 CSR-DIW Project. Under this project, the Management System Certification Institute (Thailand) stepped in to give the Company training on CSR guideline, assessment, and relevant laws. The training, for example, covered environmental laws, labor laws, and business ethics. The Company, indeed, has had solid records of CSR works. Thanks to its contributions to the society, local communities, and environmental protection, the Company was certified as passing the 2011 CSR-DIW Project’s criteria. The Company’s representatives, therefore, were presented the plaque and certificate of honor from the DIW on 22 September 2011.

Praxair (Thailand) Clinched “Energy-Saving Transportation Management Award”

Energy saving.jpg

Praxair (Thailand) Company Limited has received a plaque of honor for being a medium enterprise with great energy-saving transportation management. Distribution Manager Mr. Adisorn Ruangdej represented the Company in the award-presentation ceremony. Of 105 firms participating in the contest, only 22 have won such award.

The representative of Praxair (Thailand) Company Limited, moreover, has been invited to join a special seminar on, “How Can Thai Transportation-Service Providers Survive in Free-Trade Era?”

Praxair (Thailand) Won the “2013 Asia Community Engagement Award”

2013 Asia Community Engagement Award.jpg Ms. Anne Roby, president of PX Asia & GLBL Electronics, presented the “2013 Asia Community Engagement Award” to Praxair (Thailand) Company Limited for its outstanding CSR works in 2012. The award-presentation ceremony was a part of the Praxair Asia Leadership Conference, which ran from 22 to 24 January 2013 in Thailand.

In 2012, Praxair Thailand Company Limited implemented 21 CSR projects via which its employees completed up to 5,725 hours of CSR works. The CSR Team of the Company has extended its thanks to all staff for their constant support. With an emphasis on its CSR policy, the Company has conducted various useful activities for communities, the society and the environment on a regular basis.