Global Climate Change


Offsetting climate change

We believe that issues over long-term energy availability and future climate change will only continue to intensify. These climate change issues are increasing the demand for technologies that produce cleaner fuels and increase energy efficiency. And our programs like Less Carbon More Green are doing just that — helping our customers increase energy availability and improve energy efficiency while reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.

Disclosing GHG Risks & Opportunities

A member of the World Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index since 2006, we respond to the Carbon Disclosure Project request for information every year and publish our response. We have also been appointed to the Advisory Committee of the Climate Disclosure Standards Board — working to advance disclosure related to climate change in annual reports though the development of a global framework that will elicit comprehensive, consistent and comparable information.

Reducing Influences on Climate Change

We are included in the KLD Global Climate 100SM Index, designed to promote investment in public companies that demonstrate the greatest potential for reducing social and economic influences on climate change. The Index is an international mix of publicly traded companies that are expected to provide near-term solutions to global warming while offsetting the longer term impacts of climate change through renewable energy, alternative fuels, clean technology and efficiency.